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M.Sc. from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark. Professional interests include scientific journalism, ecology and bioinformatics. Geeky enough to be 'vining using Mozilla on an OpenSuSE box. Live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For a more extensive 'about me thingy', check out my profile at Virb. But in short, I'm to the left and biocentric side of 99% of Newsvine; mainly contributing texts on The Evil Empire, football (us: soccer) and biology.

Participated in European Journalism Centre's TH!NK ABOUT IT #2: Climate Change (winner) and currently in TH!NK ABOUT IT #3: Developing World.

Why Newsvine?

I post and write at Newsvine because I'm weboholic, I guess. And to keep my writing sharp, perhaps even improving it. And of course because I love to write and can't help it. Reading what I've written always makes me think of something I left out - even though I leave more out of texts than I keep.

Inspired by Jason Coleman, I think I'll try and define my guidelines for Newsvine conduct. These are subject to changes at any time.

  1. Most importantly, I wish to learn more about the events going on in the world around me. In doing so, I hope to carry on conversations with others here of different opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs, all of which will help me to learn.
  2. I will use the seed comment space for paragraphs quoted from the article (properly indicated as a quote). I think this gives readers a chance to see if the article is of any interest to them before spending any more time. I will not add a first comment to my seeds and articles unless this seems logical for some reason (updates, related stories etc) other than the current trend of self promotion.
  3. I will always try to limit my comments to areas of my knowledge, clear statements of my opinion, presentation of evidence in a discussion, and polite and civil conversation. I will treat everyone here as if they were sitting at my table. That is to say, I will not use Newsvine as a way to anonymously attack others. However, I have strong opinions in many areas and will not sugar-coat them.
  4. I will rarely vote for my own seeds, posts, or comments. I wish for those to reflect those who have decided that they have found my seed or post of interests or agree with a comment I have made.
  5. I'm not in a popularity contest. I will not add people to my friends lists just to mow my way to attention. That is not unless I actually like them and what they contribute to Newsvine. That includes me agreeing with them on a few subjects and their conduct. Some opinions will excude you from my friends list: racism and xenophobia, religious extremism, pro-war opinions, blatant promotion of far right wing agendas, explicit homophobia and intolerance in general. (Dichotomy acknowledged - let me live with it.)
    If I am currently on your friends list and you have a problem with any of this, please feel free to remove me right away.
  6. I will not seed AP stories unless they are not at Newsvine. I am really annoyed by people seeding AP stories.

I know these guidelines will keep me away from the top of the Newsvine Leaderboard, but they will make me feel OK about that too.

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